Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Hot Mess!

Proceed with CAUTION...

Hello Cake Designers and Welcome (or welcome back) to my Cake Life Kitchen, where our goal is to design and bake the sweetest possible love-life confection. But as we all know very well, even the best intentions can result in crumby crumbly results.

Hot messes happen in every kitchen (and every life), but with some good planning, careful timing, patience, and a good recipe, we can avoid most of them. In hot messes you get burned, have to spend time cleaning up after them, and in general don’t have a great time. In fact, I couldn't help but cover this bad-tasting topic, as this is very common when designing your life cake recipe.

It all starts out great - The cake is smelling luscious, it’s been warming in the oven for the appropriate time…before you know it, it’s time to take it out. Ahh, the aroma of the moist sweet goodness of the special unique blend of ingredients you've created is so enticing; the thought of devouring it takes your very breath away. Yum.

But wait; hold on a second. Deep in your heart of hearts you want more. You’re not satisfied. You still desire the sweetness of a delicate frosting for your cake, with the perfect peaks and just the right consistency, right? You rush out and find a perfect flavor and immediately start taking huge spoonfuls and slapping them on your precious Cake…

Then it happens! What appeared to be so perfect became a huge Hot Mess, with huge parts of your life cake being over taken by this gooey melted mess. You cannot frost a hot cake with icing and expect a good result. So how can you avoid this hot mess?

Tip #1
Be careful not to apply your frosting too early or too much at once. When baking up a sweet cake life, speed is not your friend. Patience is. Being in a hurry can ruin the overall taste and appearance of your life cake, not to mention any chances of removing it without having to remake part (if not all) of the cake. Proceed with caution. You have worked hard to bake your sweet life cake. The last thing you want to do is ruin it with the wrong frosting or slap it on too soon.

Acting too swiftly can only cause your beautiful cake to melt into a big hot mess and that's what can happen if you rush out with your newfound sense of self worth. It can get lost again very easily because it hasn't had time to become a natural part of who you are. There is no rush. Give yourself time to cool.

Tip #2
Here is a proven theory when meeting someone new! Try this, it works. Nine Month Rule~
A good friend of mine, John Bowman, is a true Cake Life Designer. He has shared many pearls of wisdom with me regarding the subject; in fact, he went through a divorce and committed to living 3 years of solitude before dating again. He had really been burned!

I have learned a great deal from John and by knowing him, I actually have faith that these types of men do exist. They too are looking for “forever.” John states that you need to know someone for at least 9 months as friends before ever deciding on a true relationship. During this time, each of you can get to know the other without trying to impress for the acceptance of “dating.” When this is allowed, people can feel free to truly be themselves without worry. If a love connection is inevitable, then by all means GREAT, if not, then the friendship can continue as the awkwardness of getting involved on a level that wasn’t going to last is eliminated. I have started this practice and have found some amazing friends. In my former life, they might have become boyfriends, then been gone. This way, I have long-lasting friendships. Also, I have avoided the un-necessary heartbreak associated with jumping in too soon and finding out it was only a crush. No more hot messes for me!

I hope today’s blog helps you recognize the value of the patience that is required to master this life cake design. Do not try to add frosting to your cake before it’s ready. Let your new cake life sit a while, become stable, and ready to accept frosting. Only then will the cake be enhanced by the frosting, and not ruined by it.

And remember: The sweetest experiences in life are those that 'just happen' to us. Those are truly special moments and they can create everlasting flavor for many years to come – even a lifetime.

So stay away from hot messes, don’t get burned, and join me next time as I share: Am I Ready, Lonely, or Just Plain Insecure?

Bon appetite and cool cooking for now,


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