Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year! Cake Life Friends...

Happy New Year to all my CAKE life friends, and welcome to the CAKE life if this is a new recipe for you! Together, we are going to bake up a sweet life for 2013 and beyond.

In case you are a new friend, let me introduce myself and tell you what the CAKE life is all about. I am Sherry Wilsher and my book “CAKE...A Savvy Gal’s Guide to the Sweet Life” was published recently and getting rave reviews! I am so proud. In my book, and through these postings, my goal is to help you create a recipe for your own best CAKE life, with or without frosting (and we will talk a lot about frosting in the future). For now, just know that with the right ingredients, cake can be delicious without frosting, just as your life can be sweet without a significant other.

There! I said it! Yes, you can be happy without a partner. In fact, to be happy WITH one, you must first learn to be happy without one. I am proof positive that it is possible. More on that later too. But for now, let’s just be clear – before hooking up or getting heavily involved with your perfect partner, it’s a good idea to take some much-needed time to rediscover who you are as an individual, and what you want in a relationship. And not just what you want, but what you need – what will taste good and be healthy for you for years to come.

So often, when we jump heart-first into a relationship and it ends for whatever reason. Only then, when we are once again alone, do we realize that we have somehow developed the identity of ourselves as that person’s spouse, other half, etc. We have stopped being ourselves – we've become half of a couple. And sometimes, unfortunately, the lesser half.

CAKE LIFE ALERT: Part of something is never better than all of something. Be all of yourself, All One as opposed to Alone – be all you can be, and only then will you enter into a relationship as a strong, independent, spicy partner.

For many authors, the publication of their book is the much-anticipated end of the process. That is not the case with CAKE. Getting the book into the hands of readers is just the beginning for me. I am on a mission to help women & men become strong, independent, and self-fulfilled. Will you come along on the journey with me?

Of course, I want you to read the book. But I would also love to have your comments, your friendship, and hear your stories of personal tragedy, triumph, heartbreak, or happiness. Those are all vital ingredients in life’s recipe! No one is immune from difficulty, but neither is anyone doomed to failure or unhappiness.

Do you seem to always find yourself jumping into another relationship quickly, after just ending one? Especially without taking the time to fully be true to yourself and what you really want? You are not alone. We tend to try and fill the vacancy with another body, not even taking into consideration that we are still identifying ourselves as the ex of someone else! Sure, you may be attracted to another person, however once that initial attraction fades, the feelings of the past will creep up and eventually take over and the new relationship becomes strained. Most of the time the replacement relationship fails, leaving you feeling even more broken and in the unwanted position of starting over again. When this happens often enough, there are so many ex’s in one’s mind, that your mind will crave that much needed break CAKE speaks about.

I encourage you, if you are in a place of feeling lost, unhappy, incomplete, to join my CAKE friends. Subscribe to my channel and my blog. I will see to it that together we create a sweet satisfying life that is sweet enough to enjoy without the frosting of a mate. And even if it’s frosting you wish for, when the recipe is right, you will attract the perfect frosting for your cake. Why am I so sure of this?

Because remember: The Law of Attraction says that Like Attracts Like… Birds of a feather flock together…. With this knowledge, you will never settle for second best! Be the best you can be and your equal – the perfect frosting to enhance your cake - will be drawn to you!

Looking forward to sharing CAKE with the world! Happy 2013!

Let’s get baking - Bon Appetite,


P.S. – Next time we will be talking about ... Cleaning the Kitchen, (mind) before we start the recipe design.


  1. Perfect time in my life for this. I just got out of an 11 year relationship so I'm excited to finish reading your book and reading your blog.

    1. Thank you for your post. I look forward to hearing your progress.

  2. Men have the same problem of jumping from relationship to relationship. Your insights are helpful. Hopefully the ladies you touch will wait for the right frosting to enhance their cake.

  3. Yes, Johnny B I agree. I plan to address both sexes in future posts as many of my guy friends have said the same thing. & hey the like attracts like thing is exactly what is taking place when this happens because a wholly baked person would never tolerate a 1/2 baked one. :)

  4. Love it,, and thank you for stepping out and being a leader and a woman of faith. You will help many any my support is with you! you have GREAT things to come so EXCITING !