Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Clearing the Clutter...

Hello Cake Life Designers and Welcome to the CAKE Life Kitchen where delicious and healthy Life recipes are mixed, tested, tasted, and finally tweaked to perfection!

Today I want to talk with you about making the decision to change your life or the areas of your life that need some help, maybe in the form of sugar or spice…

The first question is: Where does one begin, right? For starters, follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to whipping up your perfect batter before you know it:

Step 1: Clear out the Clutter!
There’s nothing harder than cooking in a kitchen that is overrun with clutter. The countertops are filled with leftovers, long-expired products, dirty dishes, junk mail, and all manner of stuff you don’t need. You feel compelled to clean up the clutter and create a clear workspace before whipping up your tasty masterpiece.

The same theory applies when preparing to create your own sweet life recipe. If you want the task to go smoothly, you have to remove those old expired ingredients, spoiled ones, and even the ones that just don’t fit with the rest of your ingredients. Keep only the things that will mix well with your vision of a beautiful cake.
Now the deck is cleared and you can move forward with confidence and concentrate on what’s important.

Things to get rid of: Bad memories, old grudges, hurt feelings, and most of all, the habits you know contribute to a lumpy batter or a sour taste. Take a good long look at your inner “pantry” and clear out the clutter. Then congratulate yourself, smile; you are ready to cook up something wonderful!

Step 2: Make a List and Check it Twice!
This is a fun list – a list of things that make you smile and give you “the warm fuzzies.” Think about those pictures of cute animals on Facebook that always make you smile, or an author that inspires you. Perhaps it’s Bible quotes or quotations from your favorite Guru or teacher. Is it a hug from your favorite aunt? A kiss from a special child? A ‘thank you’ note from a client telling you how great you are? Whatever it is, write it down.

Here are some examples of good things I found that I love in my life…
Good, stable friendships with people who share my vision and positive outlook on life and future.
I love to be inspired by listening to and reading books that address any type of motivation or inspiration.
I go to church and find it inspirational.
I am learning to play golf and find it relaxing; golf courses are beautiful places to spend an afternoon.
I love to mentor others to follow their bliss by writing blogs and producing videos.
Just to name a few.
My life is getting so full of good things, bad stuff has a hard time creeping in. There’s just no room!

Step 3: Make Another List...
This is a different kind of list – a list of things that really bug you. Drop the guilt for even mentioning these petty things. Hint..... These are the things that make you feel bad, angry, sad, insecure... Let's face it, these feelings remove us from the peace that we all desire to feel. This is an assignment so it’s okay to go there for a bit; it’s necessary in order to recognize so that they may be addressed. This list might include things about yourself you’re not happy with (a bad habit like biting your nails or smoking, for example, or your quick temper). No one’s perfect, we all have faults, so it’s time to make an honest assessment. Does your hairdresser continuously refuse to follow your instructions, yet you give her a big tip anyway? Maybe it’s time to change your style of expression, your inability to stand up for yourself, or your hairdresser.

Other things that might land on your list are spending too much time with habitually negative people, watching too much negative television; crime, murder, and news. Do you harbor negative opinions about others and judge them harshly for their individual choices? Write it down! Maybe you overindulge in food (do you super-size anything?) or drink too much? Write that down. It needs to change. Are you a shopaholic, run up your credit cards, or fail to pay your bills on time? These are some of the things that I recognized about myself and my own life habits when I started designing my cake life recipe.

Now that your list is made, decide to change! Making the decision to clear out these old habits that aren't serving you is the first step to make space for the new ingredients you wish to add to your life. You cannot add wonderful new ingredients if your life is already filled with junk and clutter.

There are many other things I am discovering about myself simply because I am now open to new experiences. Please open your mind and heart, be willing to learn and grow, as that will be a key ingredient that helps gather other ingredients that will make your life sweet enough. Imagine if you had never tasted chocolate because it was just “weird” or “yucky.” Think about the glorious sweet taste you’d be missing!

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Thank you for visiting today and I hope to see you again next time as I plan to keep the recipe designing process going by offering suggestions on finding your perfect stabilizer: BALANCE!

Looking forward to sharing CAKE with the world! Happy 2013!

Let’s get baking - Bon Appetite,



  1. Sherry:
    What a great post! Love the exercises that help to focus on those things we wish to have in our lives and those we wish to eliminate (or not attract)! Great job!

    1. Thank you Terri... I appreciate your feed back and your support with Cake... Looking forward to many years knowing you. :)